In between Share Radio's speech programmes, you can enjoy a steady flow of great instrumental folk and country music. With tracks from many different countries recorded over the past 50 years, this is great music to accompany you when working, relaxing or travelling.

We also publicise great local folk festivals throughout the United Kingdom with the help of UK Folk Festivals:

Folk Festivals

We’re not aware of any other radio station which specialises in instrumental folk music like Share Radio: if you know of one, please tell us! But we hope you really enjoy the quality music we have to offer here, whether Celtic, Spanish, African, Indian, American or English: and of course there are some of the greats in acoustic guitar here, including Leo Kottke, Etta Baker, John Fahey and Doc Watson. Here's  an introduction to our large and growing repertoire.

Finally, we're very keen to receive your recommendations for instrumental folk music - no singing, please!